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Published On: December 23, 2014
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“Alekhya” means a beautiful picture that cannot be expressed in words. To us, the true meaning of who we are, is summed up in the legendary Geoffrey Bawa’s words “Architecture cannot be totally explained but must be experienced.

Alekhya Homes was started in 2005 by Srinath Kurra, with an intent to build homes where people feel their most naturally comfortable.Vishnu Group – was the epitome of honesty, transparency and commitment. Vishnu Group had delivered almost 50 successful residential projects and in each of them, KS Rao had poured out his soul. Srinath and his brother, Mahesh, imbibed their work ethic from their father. Today, the brothers work as one person at Alekhya Homes. While Srinath envisions and plans every project, Mahesh adds tremendous value by building delightful detail into the execution of every idea.

Our team of architects and designers take inspiration from anything and everything that has a bit of tradition and nature in it

ver the years, we have built a rich repository of learning, specifically about how art and architecture influence people’s lives. Through a journey of discovering the art and science that goes behind building homes. We implement learning gleaned from the masters of building – the value of using locally available materials from Laurie Baker, the power of building experiential architecture from Geoffrey Bawa and the importance of blending landscaping with living from Jamie Durie.we apply several valuable insights into our architecture, design and color usage, leveraging values such as simplicity, harmony, optimization, customization, sustainability and the importance of living close to organic plants.

As globalization takes over urban lifestyles in India, traditional Indian values, which are steeped in sustainability, are fading away.

Our team has people from diverse backgrounds bound together with a passion for building homes that are true to tradition and in harmony with nature. We think of ourselves as artists and artisans, who are inspired by our clients’ lives and the nature that surrounds us. t is very gratifying to note that our clients continually express delight at interacting with our team and look forward to meeting them. In fact, if there is one thing that we consider more important than building homes, it is building lasting relationships.

Over the years, we have matured a specialized in-house interior designing team that takes our projects to greater heights of architectural excellence. This team, while strongly rooted in the Indian ethos, is obsessed with detailing and usability. They interact very closely with our clients to build a real empathy for their needs and then translate their understanding into interior design elements. Our team makes sure that our clients don’t need to work with multiple vendors and contractors to complete their homes. And ultimately delivers nothing short of delight through their total interior solutions.

At Alekhya Homes, we are happy to say that we have built our business on honesty, integrity and attention to detail. We believe that the moment someone steps into the gate of an apartment complex or a house, they need to be transported into a space that is at once welcoming, comforting and distinct.

The Alekhya Experience is characterized by complete adherence to our design values and principles. We believe in creating homes whose beauty is marked by simplicity, derived from nature and above-all is organic in architecture. Each home we build is characterized by sensitivity to site and structure. Our design values and principles guide us in every project we take up and ensure that the outcome is always delightful to our clients.

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Imagine living in your favorite resort every day. Imagine being surrounded by the beautiful diversity that nature has to offer. Imagine living in such a home right in the heart of the city. With Alekhya Homes’ WindChimes, you don’t have to imagine anymore. At WindChimes, we are taking care to see that we mirror nature and culture in all their diversity. Because your lifestyle is a wonderfully diverse coming together of several aspects of personal and community space, ornamental and kitchen plants, Indian traditions and global aesthetics.


• 38 privileged independent apartment homes

• Each apartment home ranges between 1865 sft to 2415 sft

• Eight floors, with five flats in each floor with decent set backs

• Located at 150 ft road, Opposite to Hitex main gate in Hitech City

• Exclusive gymnasium and designer tot lot

• Two leveled car parking space

• Double height, inviting entry area with lounge in ground floor

• 100% of the project covered with lush greenery landscaped lawns with stepping stones, lotus pond, avenue and grid plantation around the building

• Personalized, high-quality installation art, murals and paintings in common areas and corridors

• Every apartment is designed like an independent home

• Design allows for high degree of customization

• Jogging track around the building

• Partly covered area on terrace, suitable for small get togethers and events

• Complete water harvesting solution

• Security monitoring system for common areas and corridors

• Designer lobby room, open air theater and library



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