Fortune Butterfly City at NH srisailam highway

Published On: March 4, 2019
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Property Type: Plot/Residential Land


The present day metropolitan Hyderabad has turned out as a glittering example of an amalgamated city combining its old world charm, vibrant culture and historical past with an exuberant economic growth owing to the numerous enterprises that have taken root here offering a life full of opportunities to those who seek it.Apart from being an IT hub enriched with the glorious and monumental past of the Mughal Empire and its grandeur, it has also become the most sought after destination for sectors like Banking & Finance, Bio-Technology, Engineering, Medical Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Research and many others.
In this era of foreign direct investment, Hyderabad has also managed to capture the attention of global investors leading to foreign investment in the fields of Real Estate, IT, Research, Pharmaceuticals etc on a very large scale.

Along with this, various new local businesses, public-private partnerships and enterprises have made the city a fertile ground for budding professionals. With the rising number of professionals moving to Hyderabad from all over the country in pursuance of better job opportunities as well as higher living standards, the sky rocketing prices of real estate and the expense of living in a metropolitan have left many bereft of their dream of owning a Home in this City of Pearls.
Professional’s colony which is a part of a much larger integrated township, namely, Fortune Butterfly City situated on the Sri Sailam Highway comes to the rescue of those who wish to buy a comfortable yet luxurious accommodation at an affordable price in a serene and tranquil natural environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The professional’s colony is fully equipped with the basic amenities and much more. The colony is far away from the commotion and chaos of the city yet in close proximity to facilities like cinema theatres, restaurants, shopping malls, clubhouses, gyms, spas, health and fitness centres.

This makes the place a highly desirable location for those professionals who aspire to have a more private life outside of the office without missing out on the finer delicacies of life.This colony is a novel project aimed at making the life of those working in the corporate sector, a little less challenging by providing them with a peaceful ambience to relax in after a stressful day at work along with the scenic beauty resembling that of the countryside which is soothing to the soul.So, if you are looking for something like that, grab the opportunity before it is gone!!!!





The Fortune Group proudly announces our Fortune Butterfly City Celebrating Its 10 Years success with Vision, Mission, Commitment and the same will be continued in the Years to come. On this occasion the management wants to thank each one of them who have supported in all these years especially our beloved customers.

Fortune Butterfly City at NH srisailam highway

We make ourselves approachable and accountable to our clients in pursuance of an honest professional relationship for maximum customer satisfaction. One such project which showcases the authenticity over and above the finesse with which our company works is the Fortune Butterfly City, a serene and blissful 3600 Acres Integrated Township development located on the Sri Sailam Highway between Kadthal and Dasarlapalli which boasts of 100% Vaastu & DTCP approved layout, 60 & 40 feet wide interconnecting roads, underground power supply, water supply & drainage in addition to rain water harvesting and 24*7 security system in place. We are well versed with the age old adage of ‘Carpe Diem i.e; Seize The Day’ and that is exactly what we thrive for day in, day out.

We are perfectly capable of enduring setbacks yet still yield favourable outcomes. Our sole focus isn’t only on economic development and stakeholder’s benefit but also on the integrated sustainable development of human life and the environment conjointly with a view to achieve the highest possible Quality of Life. The basic concept of Fortune Butterfly City is that it will have separate colonies for highly qualified DoctorsScientistsProfessionalsCEOs and NRIs. The close proximity of the city to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in addition to the availability of city owned Taxi/Cab service designed specifically to cater to the needs of the foreign nationals as well as NRIs, will be conducive to its groundbreaking success.

All in all, Fortune Butterfly City is a captivating place where you will experience happiness, comfort, contentment, peace of mind, serene beauty and a true sense of freedom, all of which you deserve. So, grab the opportunity, come experience the various hues of life in here and it is bound to leave you mesmerised!!!
If there ever is a place where you can experience life as it should really be then this is the place to be!!!

Amenities :

  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant
  • Ultra modern GYM
  • Spa
  • Clinic
  • Tennis Court
  • Indoor Games
  • Party Zone
  • Library




• 40&60 ft wide roads
• Underground power cable
• Underground Drainage
• Avenue Lighting
• Lavish green Parks
• Rose garden
• Property Management
• Green walk ways
• Sewerage net work
• OHT & Water lines Net work
• Water Harvesting
• Childrens Park
• 24 x7 Securty

Legal Opinion

Approved by HMDA

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