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Published On: December 4, 2014
  • Siri Sampada's Nursery currently has around 2 lakh saplings of Sri Gandham plants...
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Group Buying
Sub Property Type: Farm Land
Property Type:
Size: 121Square Yards  242Square Yards 
Fencing: Select


Near By Land Marks: Shadnagar Bus Depo, Shadnagar Railway Station, 2 minute walk from 100 Feet Connecting road to Mumbai & Bangalore Highway
Address: Sirisampada Farm Lands, Sardarnagar Village
Pincode: 509222




Siri Sampada's Nursery currently has around 2 lakh saplings of Sri Gandham plants...


To begin with Siri Sampada’s vision is to become the largest Sandalwood plantation in the country. Our vision is born from thorough understanding of the present need and the huge gap between demand and supply of Sandalwood.It is a first of it’s kind Initiative by An IIM Graduate Mr. Pradeep Maganti, We are also the first Plantation venture, working in tie up with IWST(Institute of Wood Science & Technology)of Govt of India.
* Siri Sampada’s vision is coupled with its mission to provide end-to-end solutions for cultivating Sandalwood in a designated area of farmland and harvest the produce at the end of 15 years for multi fold returns. Siri Sampada Farmlands wishes to encourage investors across income groups to chip in for creating a new green space.

* The first step towards fulfilling this vision is our venture “The Golden Woods”.


* Siri Sampada’s, “ The Golden Woods” is a novel Sandalwood plantation project, where we are selling Sandalwood plants to propagate the species by spreading its aroma and sharing its profits. This prestigious project is guided by the expertise of the senior scientists of Institute of Wood Science & Technology (IWST), Indian Council of Forest Research & Education under the Ministry of Forestry and Environment, GOI.

* The plantation is plotted into 121 Sq.yds, each consisting of 12 Sandalwood plants. Each plot is sold to individual investors. After the harvest of the plantation the profits are shared between the investors & the company.

* Siri Sampada Farmlands wishes to encourage investors across income groups to chip in for creating a new green space.


Siri Sampada’s venture “THE GOLDEN WOODS” is within the HMDA limits, 250 mts off the Bangalore – Mumbai connecting Highway at Sardar Nagar Village, Shabad Mandal, Shadnagar, Ranga Reddy District.


* A two-and half acre research facility established to facilitate IWST to continue their research.

* The Nursery developed by us (with one lakh plants) has been termed as the “largest and most scientifically developed” by the IWST.


* An investment of Rs.25,000 in the beginning & a total of Rs. 2,45,000.00/-  for 121 sq yards, which is only about Rs 2000 per sq. yard ( in 40 Months EMI option). The cost of each plot is priced at rs. 1,99,000, which is only about Rs.1644 per Sq.Yard for Full One Time Payment. The project is so economically priced when compared to other projects in that area who are selling at the rate of Rs2500 to Rs3000 per sq yard, is to encourage investments from all economic groups.

* No further amount will be charged to the investors towards development, security and maintenance as it would be the sole responsibility of the company.

* The land registered in favor of the investor is used by the company for plantation under a registered lease agreement.


* As the plants gain in value from the 3rd year on wards, a 5-layer fool-proof security is being developed which consists of a 7ft compound wall with a 3ft solar fence, a thick natural fencing on both the sides of the compound wall with bamboos (a thorny bamboo variety) that rises up to 40 ft.,then a 2-ft wide trench with cactus plantation, 4th layer of RFID chips in each plant & security cameras that can emit an alarm to the security center up on interception, security patrolling jeeps &  the fifth layer being Canine security (5 different breeds of ferocious dogs from across the world).


* By the end of 15 years each investor can expect very high returns for his nominal investment. At present retail price of heartwood (which is the actual sandalwood and is found after the outer layer bark and the second layer of sapwood) is Rs 14,000/- per kg. A 15 year old Sandalwood tree would have roughly about 25 kgs of heartwood. Bark & Sapwood of the tree also have good market value.The price given is for this year, Sandalwood pries go up at the rate of 17% to 20% every year.

* At the end of the 15 years the harvest profits / share will be divided on the basis of 60:40 percent. 60% to the investor and 40% to the company.

* So, by the end of 15 years other than the natural increase in the land value, you have multi fold returns from the Sandalwood, you have your own green space to run away from the humdrum of the city life , with 30 & 40ft roads, a Club House, swimming pool & children play area.


The perfectly Calculated least expected returns on investment in the customer's share per each plot is Rs. 60,00,000 from 12 Srigandham trees.

Legal Opinion

The Company has 40% of share from the expected returns from each plot in this 120 Acre Layout, hence, the company has thoroughly examined each & every part of Land to ensure no further litigation will come in any part of this land from the past owners. The Whole Land is registered on the company's name & further transferred to the customer once the payment for the plot is done.


The site is strategically located, just adjacent to the 100 feet road from Shadnagar adjacent to a village called Sardarnagar

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